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Why Aura Portföy?

Aura Portföy Yönetimi

The Independent Solution Provider To Your Wealth Management Needs

Aura Portföy Wealth management is an independent firm. It is not part of a large banking group. Its whole interest is to deliver the best possible service to its clients. The firm is not under any pressure to market a certain product to its clients or to meet certain sales targets that are imposed by its headquarters. On the contrary, the firm negotiates with all product providers in the market to get the best terms for its clients.

The core activity of the firm is to manage client portfolios. It does not collect deposits, lend money or engage in other activities such as insurance, leasing etc. Hence delivering the best returns for its clients and keeping the clients happy is the only goal.

Aura Portföy and Taaleritehdas has a very experienced team with a specific focus on Turkey.
Aura Portföy Wealth Management is one of the very few portfolio management companies in Turkey with a foreign partner.

Aura Portföy’s controlling shareholder Taaleritehdas is a Finland based wealth management firm. Finland has AAA credit rating and enjoys a healthy economy.

Taaleritehdas Group is very committed to the long term potential of Turkey. The Group has been investing client assets in the Turkish market since its establishment.
Aura Portföy’s fee structure is fully transparent and is openly communicated to the clients. There are no hidden or double layer fees involved.

Taaleritehdas Group has extensive experience in managing funds of European Institutional Investors such as pension funds and insurance companies.