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Investment Philosophy

Aura Portföy Yönetim

The Independent Solution Provider To Your Wealth Management Needs

Detailed fundamental analysis, frequent meetings with the senior managements of companies and close monitoring and forecasting of the macroeconomic backdrop are the main pillars of our investment philosophy.  

Our suggested investment horizon for our clients is minimum six months. 

Our Turkish team has been in close communication with the investor relations departments and top managements of listed Turkish companies for more than 18 years. 

Our teams in Helsinki follow European and global markets closely and continuously update our global asset allocation recommendations for our clients.  

We are in continuous communication with the research teams of leading brokers and strive to identify the best investment opportunities for our clients. 

Although we are medium to long term investors with a fundamental research approach, we also follow short term market movements and news flow closely, and make tactical trades when we find appropriate.