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Aura Portfoy Yönetimi

The Independent Solution Provider To Your Wealth Management Needs

Taaleritehdas Group has been managing the Taaleri Turkey fund for five years and the Taaleri MENA fund for three years. Taaleritehdas also manages several other funds that invest in listed securities across the world. Private equity vehicles that invest in wind energy, real estate, biogas and forestry sectors in Scandinavia is another key focus area for the firm.

İsmail Erdem (CEO)

18 years of experience in research, sales&trading and fund management at Standard Unlu Asset Management, TEB Investments, Finansinvest and ING Barings.

Cem Karababa (Sales and Marketing Director)

12 years of private banking experience serving Turkish clients in London (8 years at Merrill Lynch and 4 years at Citibank).


Ayşenur Kaynak (Director-Portfolio Management)

28 years experience in treasury, portfolio management, treasury marketing and private banking Finansbank, Finansinvest, Turkish Investment and Turkish Bank.


Taaleri Wealth Management manages discretionary portfolios for its clients under the Portfolio Management Agreement signed between the client and the company. This agreement includes the details of the client’s risk profile and corresponding return expectations. It also includes the benchmark asset allocation (stocks, bonds, commodities, foreign stocks and derivatives) for the client portfolio. Our team manages the client portfolio under the strategy that is defined in the agreement. Our goal is to provide the maximum possible return with the lowest possible risk..

All of our clients’ assets are kept at independent custody banks. Taaleri Wealth Management only makes investment transactions in the client accounts and does not have the authority to transfer any securities, cash or any other asset out the accounts.

Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş.

Taaleri Wealth Management keeps its clients’ assets at the Custody division of Turkiye Is Bankasi, one of the largest commercial banks in Turkey. If needed, Taaleri can easily sign custody agreements with other leading Turkish banks to receive custody services.

Mirsis Bilgi Teknolojileri

Taaleri Wealth Management Inc. and Mirsis Information Technologies Inc., the new growing value of Turkey, working together on the web site and system management services.

Eryürekli Law Office

Eryürekli Law Office (ELO) is one of the leading law firms in Turkey. The firm has a special focus on Capital Markets Law. Taaleri has been receiving help on legal issues from ELO since the start of its licence application process.

Infina Software A.Ş.

Taaleri is using Infina’s accounting and portfolio management software applications. Infina is a fast growing software development company with an expanding client portfolio in the financial services industry.